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Black Heroes collection

This selection of work I call my Black Heroes collection, consist of a collection of oil paintings which I started in 2007. The idea behind this on growing collection was to create a body of work that portrays some of our positive roll models and to celebrate their lives. With the hope that our young people may have a closer look at how these people made a difference and influence some of us.

Marcus Garvey - Oil on canvas 20x24   Rosa Parks - Oil on canvas 18x24   Muhammad Ali - Oil on canvas 24x18  
      In October 2008 this fine collection of work was first shown at the Peterborough Town hall, in an event celebrating 60 years of diversity in the NHS and Black History. Following this event the African Caribbean Forum requested a canvas print of each painting which now graces the walls of the Millennium Centre, their headquarters in Peterborough. Also in January 2009 The National Portrait Gallery in London said that they will print out the images and keep for their research files in their Archive and Library.
Bob Marley - Oil on canvas 30x36 Nelson Mandela - Oil on canvas 30x36 Mary Seacole - Oil on canvas 20x24
      In June 2009 the African Caribbean Forum and their partners the Peterborough Museum, published a set of Teachers Notes, 'Beyond the Bicentennial', which is being rolled out across the schools in Peterborough. This pack is aimed at helping students learn about the history of slavery and examine the social history of England, the Caribbean and Africa. I am pleased to say that two of my paintings have been used in this pack. Olaudah Equiano features inside and a painting depicting slavery, entitled 'Out of Africa' graces the cover.
Malcolm X - Oil on canvas 20x24 Claudia Jones - Oil on canvas 20x24   Martin Luther King - Oil on canvas 20x24

As part of Black History Month in October 2009, nine of these paintings were featured in an exhibition at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London. View exhibition booklet. The exhibition which ran throughout the month was reported by The Peterborough ET as 'Nero's heroes in capital show'. Following this event, in January 2010 the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King's images were used to promote a production called The Meeting by a theatre company, Inspiration Inc, Arts in the Community, in Dallas, Texas.

Along with a Civil Service exhibition, In October 2010 the collection was also featured in the CPFT's BME Support Network BHM Conference, which was held at the Millennium Centre. This followed an invitation to showcase the paintings at the Conference Hall at Ida Darwin, in Cambridge.

The collection keeps growing.

Barack Obama - Oil on canvas 20x24 Olaudah Equiano - Oil on canvas 20x24 Out of Africa - Oil on canvas 20x24
Bernie Grant - Oil on canvas 20x24 MP Diane Abbott - Oil on canvas 20x24 Miriam Makeba - Pen and ink drawing 14x18    
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