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Black Heroes collection - the journey so far.

When I first started this collection of work I didn't really know where it would lead to, but this collection seem to be taking me on a journey. This painting of Bob Marley along with Martin Luther King was first shown in June 2008 and is now my most photographed painting to date. The collection was first shown at the


Cliff Walker - oil on canvas 20x24   Linda Bellos - oil on canvas 20x24    
HIM Haile Selassie I - pencil drawing 12x16 MLK unfinished - pencil drawing 10x12
      Town Hall in Peterborough in October 2008 for Black History Month. read more Following this, in 2009 in London at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, shown here on the right. Kicking off Black History Month with Linda Bellos (above) in 2010 at the Millennium Centre, in Peterborough and in Cambridge with the NHS. In May 2011 a busy month for Black Heroes, first at the William de Yaxley Junior school then the Gunthorpe junior school and finally part of the extracts of me exhibit in London.  
The unknown hero - pen and ink drawing, includes poem      


The London exhibition was the first time the full heroes collection was shown with my other collection of works.

I am pleased to say that the Black Heroes collection took part in the event BH Live, on 1-2 October 2011. View the photos on Flickr photos 1 and 2 & video

Following this, an exhibition in Peterborough 8-9 October.

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