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November 2011 - Tony Nero, a well known Peterborough artist, was one of the people I decided to connect to on Twitter and Facebook because he seemed to be out and about a lot, exhibiting and such and I thought he’d be a good person to follow and find out what’s going on. Not long after that, he contacted me through twitter asking if I’d like to exhibit at the event he was putting on for Black History Month and of course I said yes! Artist Stacey-Ann Cole, Creativesque. Read Stacey-Ann's blog, her full account on what happened next.

November 2011 - Tony Nero, whose work is so diverse it is impossible to pigeon hole, has impressed local art lovers as well as discerning audiences nationally. He has an exquisite talent for portraiture and his impressive collection of black heroes has been acclaimed locally, nationally and internationally. His skill with a paintbrush knows no bounds and this is clear to see in his beautifully executed still life paintings where he brings the beauty of nature indoors. Artist and curator René Viner.

9th October 2011 - One stall that specifically caught my eye was entitled Black Heroes – a series of original paintings by artist Tony Nero paying homage to the heroes that shape our history. I have yet to stop talking about his stunning piece portraying Bob Marley. by Tkisha George, Krystal Mag. Taken from the article Black History is alive and kicking.

Year 4 - Hampton Vale Primary school The topic this term has been learning about Aboriginal culture. They were very lucky to have a visit from local artist Tony Nero who brought in some of his original paintings in the style of "Aboriginal Dot Painting". Tony demonstrated the techniques used in a workshop day which the children thoroughly enjoyed, producing some lovely pieces to display.

July 2011 - Often times I look at artwork and it moves me or it does not. I see paintings, designs and sculptures, in ways that may irritate most people. Like does it look good on a t-shirt? However, when I went on this artist’s website and saw what he was capable of creating, I felt compelled to share it with you. After all, isn’t art inspirational? GaptoothDiva Inspiration



06/06/11 - Beautiful work, very capable of all types of painting, if only one day I could have 10% of this mans talent! - Linda Louse

02/06/11 - Hiya, It's absolutly wonderful thank you. I've taken it to my local gallery to be framed and they have asked me if you have a business card as they exhibit things etc and were very impressed with the picture. Told them I'd give you the message :-):-) I've gone for a very light cream mount and a light coloured wood frame. - Louise Turner

21/05/11 - Just happened to be passing by. Exhibition was fantastic, inspiring and uplifting - S. Small, London

03/04/11 - Excellent work, particularly liked the apples. Loved them so much I bought them - Lydia Russell, Stamford

03/04/11 - My dad is gonna be famous, simples - love Sasha-marie

25/03/11 - Loving 'Pops' such depth, love it all, brilliant use of colour. And a translucency that I envy and only wish I could create - Natasha x

24/03/11 - Absolutely fantastic! Love the Bob Marley portrait particularly, and such brilliant use of colour, bringing everything to life so vivaciously. Such a talent to capture emotion & expression so beautifully - Lydia

23/03/11 - 'The smell of Autumn' is my favourite, the leaves in the foreground looks so real, like a photo - I could imagine taking a step forward and hearing them crunch underfoot and such fantastic colours - K. Ellis

20/103/11 - Diverse talent and skills! Bob Marley shows very fine execution - artist Spencer Coleman of Spencer Coleman Fine Art Ltd

18/03/11 - I love you, wish I could draw like this x

20/12/09 - Thanks for the beautiful painting - it has pride of place in my dining room - Jo Pugh, UK

19/10/09 - Hi Tony, We are extremely pleased with the paintings. 'Feeling Blue in Red' is now on the wall in our dinning room. The room is open plan so it can be viewed from the living room also. The painting has a mystical feel that seems to change mood with the light levels in the house. Every time we see it we think WOW! - Steve Benney, UK

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This page features just some of the comments left by visitors to my website, exhibitions and people who have comissioned or bought artwork. Please feel free to send a comment on any of the work in these galleries as all comments are well appreciated.

    May 2011, at the exhibition 'Extracts of me part 2', Ivan Patterson writes his comment in my prized book which holds visitors comments from my very first solo exhibition of the same name 'Extracts of me' dating back to 2008.    

21/11/11 - Wow! Wow! Wow! And that's after only seeing it on my phone. I won't have access to my computer till tomorrow. Can only imagine how much more beautiful it will be when I do. This is so awesome Tony! Words cannot express how grateful I am that you chose to do this. Much love! Marcia Kirton, USA

22/10/11 - Oh my you've been working hard!!! - 'Blue' is lovely and it's just him - I never noticed the golden on his face before! It's totally beautiful, David my hubby picked the frame and then the mounting looks so well, thank u v much - Dorinda Potter x, Northern Ireland

02/10/11 - Breathtaking - I felt tears welling up at the emotion and spirit these beautiful paintings contain. A real talent and blessing to and of the artist - Nishel, at BH Live Wembley

02/10/11 - Great pictures of great people! Good work! - Peter Devitt, Raf Museum

04/09/11 - Thanks Tony, really good read - keep in touch!   And your wonderful picture of Torpel is looking great in our house! Richard Astle, Athene Communications Ltd
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