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  This page which looks at some of my work that may have an interesting story to tell, was inspired by art student Philip Moore who was curious about the drawing 'Girl on the Rocks'. After putting together the information for him for this piece, I thought it would be a good idea to create a page of interesting stuff.   Did you know: In 1983 I worked on Beenie Man's debut album 'The Invincible Beany Man', produced by Bunny Lee. At the time no one knew the correct spelling of this ten year old wonder's name, hence the album went out with the spelling Beany.  
9th South Holland Open Arts Exhibition The Exhibition/Competition is sponsored and organised by Arts Development, South Holland District Council and ran from January 9th - January 15th 2009. This prestigious event has been running since 1999 and has attracted artists and visitors from all over the East of England.

Two small pieces of my work was short-listed for the competition. 'The Fish Bowl', a watercolour painting. and 'My Fruit Bowl' an oil painting. I was awarded a commended certificate from South Holland Openarts for the painting 'My Fruit Bowl".

These other two covers i've included here are of a later date. The Frankie Paul's Love Affair, a coloured pencil drawing and Gregory Isaacs' Past & Future, consisted of an oil painting again on card and an ink line drawing. I am glad to say that I still have these original drawings. I didn't realise that at the time, I should have only been selling the rights to use some of these pieces, and not sell the actual pieces . This has resulted in the total loss of a number of original pieces of artwork.

The Pat Kelly album cover 'From Both Sides'

Girl on the Rocks - The original drawing was completed in 1977 and was first published in a short article in the Westindian World news paper, followed by a limited edition print of T-shirts. The drawing was also copied and used without permission on some leaflets. Around the early eighties I produced a copy which was hand coloured in watercolour, and used on a Pat Kelly album cover (as seen above). Prints of the original are available but the original is kept in my private collection and in need of some care as the glass was broken in transit and the picture itself in need of a little restoration.


Did you know: I have worked on some of jazz trumpeter Humphrey Littleton's album covers. Humphrey used to hand write all the sleeve notes himself in calligraphy.

Did you know: I once missed my one and only opportunity to see the great Bob Marley because I wasn't in the mood to go out. At the time, the lady of my life, Beverly Thompson was rushing off to his hotel to interview him and asked me to accompany her. I just calmly said 'oh next time, am too tired right now'. Life shouldn't be filled with missed opportunities. Beverley's article can now be seen on a wall in the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica.

Did you know: That on Christmas day 2008 I started the Barack Obama painting and finished it the day after his Inauguration in January 2009.

Did you know: I used a photo of my little brother on the design for reggae artiste Shabba Ranks first UK album, as we didn't have a photo of Shabba. My brother was then nicknamed Scooby Ranks.


10th South Holland Open Arts Exhibition - 8-14th January 2010 at the South Holland Centre, Spalding, Once again two pieces of my work was selected for display in this wonderful event. The pieces entitled, 'Catch me if you can' and 'Hope'. This time the snow caused me some difficulty in getting to the exhibition.

King of the Hill - This painting was donated to the charity ASBAH to use in a raffle as part of their fundraising. The event at Bisley Shooting Ground held in June 2008 had over 300 people attending and sold around 1000 raffle at £10 each. view image

Two from the archives, Janet Kay's Capricorn Woman. This was done as a pen and ink stipple dot drawing and then washed in watercolour with an airbrushed background added. I wish I still had the original drawing.

Now presenting my first ever album cover, Shelley's Third World Disco vol.2. It was early seventies and I had not long started learning the graphic design trade with Rema Reproductions. I was always asking for the chance to show what I could do but the chance never came. Then One Friday evening, Shelley, then of Third World records, needed some artwork for an album cover by Monday morning. I stepped up to the challenge and painted this piece in oils on a bit of card I grabbed as I left work that evening. The good thing was that the oil paints soaked into the card enabling it to dry very quickly. This was the beginning of my very interesting career as a graphic designer.

Below planning the April 2010 Art for ASBAH (now better known as Shine) exhibition in Peterborough with fellow artist Shaun Pitchers .
Did you know: I first met the legendary Jimmy Cliff when I was in my late teens. He was sitting in the studio where I worked at the time. I walked in from lunch, saw him and my knees turned to jelly but I then went on to design a logo for him.
Finley's Corner - Another painting donated for charity to create a corner in a local family pub, in Chingford, London. In memory of little Finley who was tragically killed in an accident. view image
Did you know: I've also done some pieces that will never grace these pages and whenever I see them, really want to strike a match.
Did you know: I worked on record labels artwork for the 'Police' pop band before they were famous.
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