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19/10/09 - Hi Tony, We are extremely pleased with the paintings. 'Feeling Blue in Red' is now on the wall in our dinning room. The room is open plan so it can be viewed from the living room also. The painting has a mystical feel that seems to change mood with the light levels in the house. Every time we see it we think WOW! - Steve Benney, UK

17/03/09 - Dear Tony, I am so thrilled to have won first prize in your raffle, especially as I was so stunned by the brilliant detail and extraordinary clarity and quality of your work. I do'nt have a decent picture of myself but hopefully you would be able to paint a portrait of my dog, Kelly. Many thanks - Pam kounougakis, UK

06/09/09 - Great exihibition - the girls loved all the pictures especially the one with the two cute puppies.   Well done you - Carole Taylor, UK

26/06/09 - Just to say it was very nice to meet you at the Peterborough Show last week with your comments you have inspired me to carry on trying to draw and paint. Many thanks for the encouragement - Adam Brough, UK

21/06/09 - Your work is amazing!! would love to be able to draw, paint like that! Truly breathtaking" - Shazia Ahmed, UK

11/06/09 - What an awesome gift you have, Tony. Your work speaks volumes! My attempt to comment on any piece would be an injustice to your fine craft. Much success to you! - Eva Joyce, NY

15/05/09 - Tony you paintings are fantastic. Not only do they capture the subject perfectly but also transport the viewer into the scene, triggering all kinds of emotions, from sorrow and peace, and pride to satisfaction! You have much more then a talent, it's a true gift - Thank you for sharing it! - Rakhi Kaur, UK

17/03/09 - Tony I LOVE my painting and its now framed and hanging in my dining room - Barbara Robinson, UK

You are great and the picture is very powerful. I truly wish you lots of success with your artwork. Geeta, UK


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"Tears for the children"

Saw your work - WOW! - Frankie, UK

Your picture has a lot of depth to it. very nice. By the way the painting is very good as always – Naz, UK

just voted 4 u-god i swear its a really nyc pik, i ope u win...... u put so much effort in to it honestly, wen u look at it it makes u feel like crying init...... aaaaaawwww. BET U FINKIN U WOT...... its probz jus meee hey!!!  - Aalia, UK

Tony, love  your painting. - Joe, SVG

Great painting have great vision,style and captivation. The eyes have a fear factor, long term suffering and is gripping and the women scream hurt and pain. The painting seemed more intense, scarry and in depth when I saw it in person, so I don't feel I'm experiencing a true visual right now. Not sure about the 2 color eyes, although it's different. Maybe your trying to depict two side of the same coin. I have spent sometime walking away and coming back to this painting, I thought the blue eye would have been more scarry but the more I look the more I'm drawn to the brown as it provokes a feeling of sadness, damped spirits. I'd like to see it again but in a dimly lit room. There is so much to be read into this painting...It's a painting of sorrow and great loss. - Valerie. UK

Thanks for sending me the link to painting by Tony. I just viewed it. Very powerful,  real picture. It reminded me of footage I saw in Moscow of the mothers whose children had been hurt or lost in Beslan due to those monstrous terrorists. It really captured the emotions in a very human way. Well done to Tony. I will send him a message later. - Aran, UK


23/10/07 - I went to Whittlesey at the weekend to see the Art exhibition at St Mary's. I have to say I thought your work stood out head and shoulders above the other work. The Dancer caught my eye as soon as it came into view. It's a great example of a tonal work. Congratulations, you're very talented and putting it to good use. I hope you go on to great things with your art. Best regards, Andy, UK

20/09/07 - Just a little note to thank you for the wonderful picture you did for our ruby wedding anniversary, it certainly bought on lots of tears of joy. You are a very talented man and wish you well for the future. Sincere thanks and best wishes. - Cherie & Eddie, UK

13/09/07 - Hi i got the painting its beautiful thank you so much! I cant wait to put it up on the wall. - Gabby, USA

11/09/07 - Just thought i'd drop you a line to say that the painting has been delivered today in good condition, I am very pleased with it, and am sure that my daughter will love it. Thanks for including the Certificate of Authenticity with Alex`s name added as this made a nice finishing touch. Please would you let me know if you decide to produce any other paintings such as `Satisfaction` in the future as im sure that my daughter would be very interested as she is just about to move into a new flat - Regards Alan. UK

30/08/07 - Your work is amazing. Absolutely breathtaking. - Samantha Bland, UK

20/08/07 - Hey Tony, your pictures are beautiful, you really are so talented. Hope everything goes well for you. - Sharon, UK

Those are some brilliant pieces of work that you've got there. I wish you all the best in life. lots of talent keep it up. - Neri, USA

"Tears for the children"
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