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Faces in Spaces

For some time now I’ve wanted to create a collection of portraits of Peterborough people. One of my great loves is portrait painting especially the elderly: their faces tell so many stories, their characters really shining through the lines and contours of life experience.  So here I go, starting with some of the local digntaries, but who knows who will end up on this page.

Cliff Walker - Deputy Lord Lieutenant   David Proud - Actor   Peter Boizot - Mr  
          Each portrait is painted in layers and after sketching, always starts with an overall lightly washed tone, picking out the light and dark areas. After a couple of days secondary tones are laid down, before slowly adding the details. I always start with the detail on the eyes. I tend to work on at least two paintings at the same time and jump between them so I can keep looking at each piece of work with a fresh eye. But at times I get totally consumed in the zone while working on a painting and then I just go with the flow until the painting is completed.
Councillor John Shearman    


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