Contemporary Artist
Whisper Through the Trees

Art Exhibition

Yarrow Gallery

Glapthorn Road, Oundle PE8 4JF

Paintings, Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewellery, Woodcuts & Carving, Monoprints, Wildlife Photography

This prestigeous exhibition at Oundle's Yarrow Gallery, ran from Saturday 3rd December to Sunday 11th December 2011

I have to say that I was delighted to be a part of this exhibition, showing my work alongside these other 24 fine artists, at the Yarrow Gallery. I must admit, I had never been to the Yarrow Gallery before, so when Jane Sanders, curator and herself artist and jeweller asked me along, I just said yes and was excited about showing here as I had heard so much about this annual event.

I became even more excited when I saw the space for the first time, and what a beautiful space it is. I was totally hooked by the mood of the gallery with the soft lighting and as for the upstairs balcony, well that just adds ambience to the space.

The exhibition, which ran for over a week in December, was curated by artist Jane Sanders and featured an exciting array of art, from paintings, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery to woodcuts and more.


  Mosaic artist Kay Hall (PAOS Chair) and hubby looking at my display. Kay was also displaying upstairs.
Hanging out on the preview evening, artists Caroline Kisby, Tony Nero and Jane Sanders

My varied display of work which graced the back wall of the gallery, a really prime position. I think Jane the curator was expecting portraits but I had no idea what work to take to the exhibition. So maybe if I am invited to show again, there will be a totally different selection.

Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill and a friend having a wonder around the exhibition
  Almost 100 pictures, capturing the full mood of the exhibition and exhibitors can be seen on Flickr.
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